Give me a Break

Monday, December 27, 2010

How I love Christmas Break! Each day is as good as the taste of the first bite of my favorite dessert. And not just because I've been doing that (eating dessert every day). Sometimes you deserve a break and the stars align to let you have one. This week, I'm breaking from my job, my school (miserable master's degree - what was I thinking?), my son's school, and all other obligations I can shake free of.

Know what I'm picking up instead? Lots of good books, some lengthy British movies, my son for snuggles, bowl games with my husband, lunches with friends. And post-Christmas organizing. Does that one seem out of place? Well, call me crazy. I LOVE organizing after Christmas. It is so fun to work that new board game into the cupboard, put together the annual Christmas puzzle and then put it away. Is there anything more satisfying than vacuuming up the last of the pine needles? Ahhhhh!

When I was a girl, rearranging my room after Christmas was as much a tradition as Christmas carols around the piano.

Think about it. Every gift needs a home after it comes into your house - even the gift cards. Nothing is so aggravating as losing a gift card. Am I right?

I hope you get a break this season and that it tastes like dessert.


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