Tip Tuesday: Cords

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know you have a mess of electrical cords somewhere in your home - maybe you have them in every room of your home. Solutions like this make me drool.

My single biggest electrical cord problem is behind the computer. So I finally tackled it. I put plain white labels on each end of each cord indicating what the other end should plug into. For example, the cord that goes from the computer to the printer has two labels. The one side of the cord that plugs into the printer says "Printer to Computer." The side of the cord that plugs into the computer says "Computer to Printer." Each cord has two similar labels. I can't tell you how much this came in handy when we moved or when we had to add a new cord to the chaos.

It's such a simple thing to do but saves me so much time and headache every time I crawl under that desk!


Snow said...

Being a MOM is really a tough job. But every single day I become a better person. And having children really is worth it.

One of the extremes... I can say is during MEAL TIME when my kids are in a hurry because of a game or a TV show or somehow doesn't like the food at all :(

It really gives me a headache!

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