Tip Tuesday: Kid Supplies

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My friend Rebecca is amazing. Seriously. Amazing. Maybe you have a friend Rebecca and maybe she's amazing so you know what I am talking about. She told me this tip and I'm passing it on for you - so maybe we can all be a little more amazing.

"Last summer I decided at the last minute to stop at the park for my little boy to play. Forty minutes later I had a soaking wet, dirty, thirsty and slightly pink child. I was so unprepared!

"I went straight home and came up with an easy solution. I took a cardboard diaper box (the one thing I seem to have a lot of), turned it inside out, taped it together, filled it with items I would need throughout the summer and put it in the trunk of my car. I felt better prepared, it cost me $0, and it seriously took me five minutes.

"Now as the seasons change, I restock my box for items I might suddenly wish I had. Items in my summer box included, swim diapers, towel, wet wipes, hat, jacket, change of clothes, toys, sunscreen, bug spray, small first aid kit, bottled water, fruit cups & spoon, granola bars, antibacterial soap, disposable camera, and a magazine."

See? Amazing right? If you don't have a friend like mine, (who you can shamelessly borrow from during park escapades) make your own box. Make it work for you. Use a bigger box for more than one child or use a crate or recyclable grocery bag if you'd prefer.

Go on. Do it now! And don't get distracted thinking you have to clean out the trunk of your car first. Just push that stuff out of the way. We'll conquer that another day.


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