Tip Tuesday: Socks

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another idea from the amazing Rebecca:

After only 6 months, my pile of mismatched socks looks like this:

I hate matching up socks...especially all the little boy ones that are so small and easy to lose. I have very little storage space and don’t have room for multiple laundry baskets/bags for easy sorting so I bought a linen bag at Walmart for $0.97.

Each night when my son’s socks come off, they go right into the linen bag, which is kept on top of his laundry basket of dirty clothes. Then when I do the laundry, I zip up the linen bag and toss it into the wash with the rest of my laundry. Easy in, easy out.

Although the tricky part is getting kiddos to put their socks in the linen bag, it certainly saves time and is worth the laundry lessons!


CannyCole said...

wooow! What a great idea!!! I'm a new follower. Love your blog!

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