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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's no secret I built a business thinking of creative tools to help moms motivate their children.

I thought maybe you'd be interested in MY motivation. No? Okay. You can stop reading then. If you're still with me... every one of the ideas that turned into products came about because I desperately, desperately needed them.

I have one son but I like to think of him as 5-in-1. My sweet one is a handful. He recently received a couple of mental health diagnoses that validated that "handful" statement. I understand from his behavior specialist that many parents are upset to receive the news we did about some of the difficulties our son faces. Me? I was just so relieved to understand it wasn't ALL due to poor parenting. I was completely prepared to take all of the blame. Turns out it's a genetic thing. Not an environmental thing.

Still, there is plenty we can do in his environment to lessen the "handful" tendencies and fallout. I have to admit to a small amount of pride when the therapist suggested that we should use "some kind of chart with stickers" to help our son. I almost burst out laughing. A chart you say? And could you recommend one? No? Could I recommend one then? Haha!

The point is, my extremely difficult child has forced me to be extremely creative in coming up with solutions to minimize some of, well, the extremes.

While I wouldn't wish any of my extremes on any mom, I suspect if I peeled back your roof and took a peek inside on a random Wednesday night, I might find you struggling with some of the same things I deal with. Please, please tell me it's so! I can't be alone in this right?

And so, Organize It Mom! was born.

I'm just a woman with a dream of slightly less nagging, slightly more cooperation, slightly more responsible children, slightly less chaos in every household in America (Canada too). That's not too much to want is it? If my products do that even a little then I can put on my superhero cape and sleep with the delusion I have changed the world for the better.

What are some of the extremes you deal with? You never know, I might turn a solution into a product for you! Let me have 'em!


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