Tip Tuesday: Old Clothes

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another tip from the brilliant Rebecca:

Have you ever wondered what to do with clothes that are in too poor of condition to give to good will but make you feel guilty for throwing away? With a husband who likes to work on cars, a child who loves to make messes, and a house that always needs cleaning – I am always using rags.

I take the clothes that are no longer good enough to wear and rip them into various-sized strips and rags. The best materiasl to use are strips that feel soft and gentle so they don’t scratch (knit, fleece, jersey, etc.). I throw all my rags in a plastic bag that came with a set of flannel sheets and toss it on a garage shelf. Use them to wipe up spills, finish craft projects, or during home repairs. They work great, and the best thing is that you can either toss them in the wash to be reused or you can feel better about throwing them in the trash.


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